Research projects

New Project: Identifying the mechanisms involved in transducing binding information through SH3-SH2 supradomains and their role in regulating the activity of members of the family of Src kinases.

Communication is essential at all biological scales. Our cells have been rigged with communication systems that allow them to respond properly to environmental cues. These systems, or signaling pathways, are composed of different proteins, whose activity is regulated by other proteins. This intricate regulatory system ensures that cells provide the right response, both in kind and magnitude. Errors in regulation often result in diseases. 

Advancing the prediction of coding variant effects using protein dynamics and stability information

Coding variants within the genome that alter the amino acid sequence of a protein can cause or increase susceptibility to a disease, or affect a person’s response to drugs. These amino acid mutations or deletions can modify the structure or stability of the protein and change its overall functionality in many ways. The relationship between amino acid mutations and protein functionality is however complex: in this project we develop new approaches expected to aid in the identification of disease-causing mutants, while trying to understand their modus operandi.