Call PhD Seeding Grant 2022

The aims of the call are (a) to broaden the current (IB)² community by attracting more researchers (especially young scientists) in the lab premises and (b) to extend the portfolio of (IB)² research projects to support future initiatives of interdisciplinary and interuniversity research in bioinformatics and computational biology. The call covers the funding for 1 year of PhD. (Click on the title for detailed information)

Postdoctoral bioinformatics position at the Interuniversity institute of Bioinformatics in Brussels

We are recruiting a postdoctoral researcher to join our Oligogenic Group at the Interuniversity Institute of Bioinformatics in Brussels. The researcher will work on the development and application of statistical and machine learning methods relevant to whole genome analysis to detect pathogenic modifiers associated with oligogenic diseases.

Master Theses/Internship subjects

If you are interested in an internship of MA/BA thesis in bioinformatics or quantitative biology, please contact directly the following persons:


  • Matthieu Defrance: genomics, epigenomics (matthieu.defrance@ulb.be)
  • Sophie de Buyl: dynamical modeling of biological systems, microbial communities, ascidian embryogenesis, virus mobility (sophie.de.buyl@vub.be)
  • Wim Vranken: structural bioinformatics, impact deleterious mutations, protein design, protein dynamics and conformation (wim.vranken@vub.be)
  • Tom Lenaerts : precision medicine, oligogenic diseases, machine learning,  artificial intelligence (tom.lenaerts@ulb.be)