Calcium Signalling

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Calcium Signalling: Intracellular calcium dynamics is highly organized in time and space. We focus on the molecular mechanisms responsible for this organization, which allows calcium to serve as a universal second messenger. Particular emphasis is put on the role of cellular calcium signalling in health and disease.



Benjamin Wacquier, post-doc



INSERM, Université de Paris-Sud (Laurent Combettes)



Combettes L, Dupont G, Tran Van Nhieu, G (2018) Ca2+ signals triggered
by bacterial pathogens and the formation of Ca2+ microdomains. BBA –
Mol. Cell. Res, 1865:1838-45.

Sun CH, Wacquier B, Aguilar D I, Carayol N, Denis K, Boucherie S,
Valencia-Gallardo C, Simsek C, Erneux C, Lehman A, Enninga J, Arbibe L,
Sansonetti P, Dupont G, Combettes L, Van Nhieu G T (2017) The Shigella
type III effector IpgD recodes Ca2+ signals during invasion of
epithelial cells. EMBO J. 36:2567-2580.

Wacquier B, Combettes L, Tran Van Nhieu G, Dupont G (2016) Interplay
Between Intracellular Ca2+ Oscillations and Ca2+-stimulated
Mitochondrial Metabolism. Scientific Reports 5: 19316.


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