(IB)² will celebrate its first year on the 10th of October!

For this special occasion we planned a specific event in ULB, Campus La Plaine, Solvay Room from 2pm on.

The event will include a special IB² Student Day (2-6 pm) with a keynote speaker from Italy (Prof. Rita Casadio (Biocomputing Group)), a postdoc talk from Gent, an (IB)² first year overview by directors, and a walking dinner (6-8pm).  

Ph.D. position in Whole-genome sequencing and genotyping of non-model Eukaryotes for evolutionary biology

New generation sequencing technologies offer exciting new prospects for studying evolution, but also create great challenges related to the large amount of sequence data to be analysed in a single project. We seek a PhD candidate that will work on developing software pipelines for whole genome sequencing and analyse genomic variation for non model organisms, for several evolutionary biology projects.