List of software published and maintaned by (IB)²:

  • DynaMine: Prediction backbone dynamics from protein sequence.
  • Sephiroth: unsupervised method for disulfide connectivity prediction.
  • PhyloCys: unsupervised method for disulfide connectivity prediction using phylogenetic trees.
  • Deogen: machine learning based variant-effect predictor that exploits the multi-level contextualization of the variant and the protein on which it occurs to annotate SNVs and INDELs.
  • Xhresmoi: machine learning method for the prediction of cysteine bonds oxidation states.
  • Noumenon: unbiased dataset for the validation of contact prediction methods.
  • KeRF: python implementataion of the Random Forest Kernel
  • WARP: ultra-fast homology detection tool
  • Rigapollo: pairwise alignment tool