BRiDGEIris: BRussels big Data platform for sharing and discovery in clinical GEnomics

Time frame: 
March 1, 2014 to February 29, 2016

Genome-wide tests, nowadays pervasive in medicine, provide an unprecedented opportunity for improving the quality and yield of diagnosis, treatment prescription and research. For example, in rare disease diagnostics, exome sequencing increases resolution of cases dramatically from ~5% five-fold to 25%. They however demand hospitals to seek up-to-date, certified and reliable (bio)informatics solutions to store, manage and analyse such a huge avalanche of data. This is the challenge tackled by the BridgeIRIS research consortium, supported by Innoviris, which will bring together from February 2014 the expertise of three genetics centers (ULB Erasme, VUB UZ Brussel, UCL DeDuve) and three research groups specialized in database infrastructures and computational intelligence  (ULB MLG, ULB IRIDIA et VUB AILab).

The project will take advantage of the alliance of VUB and ULB scientists from the bioinformatics and medical side in the newly created (IB)2 institute, the VUB-ULB Genomics Core, as well as the expertise of the ULB/VUB InSilico Genomics spin-off in representing, storing, curating and managing huge masses of genomic data. The BridgeIRIS project is expected to lead to a number of positive impacts on the Health sector in the Brussels Region.