Rigapollo is a pairwise alignment method based on a HMM-SVM.
The algorithm has been designed by Gabriele Orlando, Daniele Raimondi , Tom Lenaerts and Wim Vranken.

The python implementation of the prediction algorithm can be downloaded, along with datasets described in the paper from its git repository. It is possible to install it by cloning the repository, with the command:

git clone https://bitbucket.org/grogdrinker/rigapollo.git

Requirements/Disclaimer: The code is released under GNU GPL and privileges demonstrative purposes and portability; more efficient implementations can be easily written in languages others than python.

  • The current implementation requires:
    • Python 2.7
    • scikit-learn
    • numpy
  • In order to provide the best tool possible, we are very grateful for bug reports!